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A student agreement will be provided to all students. All sales are final. If for some unforeseen reason you must discontinue the current course, you may apply the tuition towards another course. In the event of program cancellation a 30% cancellation fee will incur. A formal written notice of cancellation is required and should be emailed to customer care at 


Students are required to listen to all lectures and complete the assignments/modules. Your certification is largely dependent upon the completion AND the quality of your assignments.


Each assignment is designed to provide you with a foundation for success. Please set aside time to give your undivided attention to your goals. Though you may work at your own pace, do not let too much time go by between assignments. You hinder the absorption and retention of information that way.


This course is completely run at your own pace. With that, however, comes certain responsibilities:

  • It is your responsibility to following through with ALL of your assignments thus we will not ask for missing assignments.
  • You are responsible for checking the "Important Documents and Notices" section of your Student Center weekly for updates.
  • You are responsible for listening to the lectures, reading the required materials, and understanding the materials presented.
  • You are also responsible for asking questions and attending the scheduled calls.


Prepare for lectures. Listen to the lectures in their entirety, and take notes.  Take the time to complete assignments to the best of your ability, and submit them in a timely manner


Important Documents and Notices

please check here often. when important documents are released that require action on your part, they will be placed here.





Create an elevator pitch


Get a spiral notebook to use as a journal for class from now on. Create 5 affirmations that pertain to you and your business and send us a copy. Read them daily (PREFERABLY 3x per day). Look over your handouts (Gaining Confidence As A Coach & 6 Ways to Get Started Coaching). 

Week 3:

1. Create a twitter account and download the periscope app. Then create a periscope account by signing in via your twitter account. Send us confirmation of completion including your Twitter/Periscope handles.

2. Pg. 30: Complete Exercise pt 1.

3. Mirror Work

Week 4:

1. Pg. 36 - Coaching Planning Model (CPM) Assignment

Week 5:

1. Review pg. 44 "Additional Skills Practice."

2. Continue with perfecting your "who you are" and "what you do" language.

Week 6:

1. Have a conversation with family/friends. Practice the listening technique (repeat and summarize what you hear). BE PRESENT! Listen to HEAR and not to ANSWER.

2. Write a paragraph about what makes YOU unique? 


1. Create your own group coaching program and send it to us. Go through the chapter and review, using the example on pg. 60. Be able to explain it. You can refer back to the class audio for group coaching.


Simple: Complete one of the tests and assessments on yourself. Give us the results.

Week 9:

1. Please fill out the feedback form HERE

2. Please submit a review for us HERE

3. Complete your final exam.

4. Please indicate via email if you will be continuing on with a niche certification in one of the 5 areas of concentration (select from the 5 niches listed on the Course Description Page). Decisions are due by the date communicated via email.

5. We will be preparing your certificate! YAY! *NOTE* If you are continuing for a niche certification, please hold off on this step as you will receive your certificate AFTER you've received your niche. Communitate with us IMMEDIATELY if you plan to continue with niche education.

Please send an email confirming the following:

  • Name you'd like to have on your certificate
  • Mailing address
  • We will be sending your certificates certified with a tracking number. Once we receive your info email, we will respond with the PayPal link for you to pay for your shipping.
  • For international students, we will contact you directly upon receipt of your info email for you to to choose the best shipping method for you.