Coach Robin CLC, MCC, CLCI

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Founder and Chief Executive Instructor of Life Strategies NOW

In addition to achieving the status of Master Certified Life Coach and Life Coaching Training Instructor, Robin is also the best-selling author of I Landed on My Feet: Lessons You Need When Life Falls Apart. She knows how to inspire audiences to recognize their inner greatness and proceeds with action steps to help them reinvent their businesses, careers, and lives. She offers over a decade of experience as a Certified Life Strategist and a Business Coach. Not to mention, her down-to-earth, easy-going demeanor makes her a relatable coach who can bond with individuals from all walks of life. She has always had an affinity for entrepreneurship and has a history of being her own boss. As graduate of The Realtor Institute, with more than eighteen years of experience, she holds licensurce in two states. She is skilled in investments, property development, and property ownership. She also has a heartbeat for the military and had the honor of serving veterans and active duty. Overall, Robin prides herself in customer service and wants to use her influence and experiential knowledge to inspire, inform, and encourage others.

Although Robin is indeed a leader, she is a student at heart and believes in continuous education. Her multi- dimensionality makes her an asset not only to her clients, but a credit to her line of work as a life coach as she is able to serve a variety of people uninhibited by barriers of race, age, creed or socioeconomic status.

Her main passion involves encouraging individuals who want to make a comeback from life’s hardships. She specializes in self-help and gladly takes on the task of helping people to get out of their own way. She is a sought after inspirational speaker, known as The Comeback Coach®. Her message is one of empowerment, strength and positioning people to go from everyday living to phenomenal thriving. In fact, her most popular phrase of encouragement and motto is “before you can help anybody else, you gotta help yourself!”




Coach Chanelle B.A., CLC

Chanelle is a young, innovative professional who is often described by others as passionate and determined. After completing her bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Spelman College, Chanelle has since then proceeded to follow her educational path via teaching in public and private schools, taking on individual students as a tutor, working as a language interpreter and now she teaches in Japan as an English teacher. But this is not her first time living abroad as she has previously resided in Europe and South America. She decided to obtain her life coaching certification so that she can further diversify her educational background. In addition to her formal background as a classroom teacher she now uses her coaching certification to teach others how to assimilate and adjust to life in a foreign country. As a travel coach, educator, writer, youth advocate and entrepreneur, it is evident that Chanelle holds herself to a high standard of discipline, over-achievement and overall, excellence.

Moreover, as a certified life coach, Chanelle consistently implements ethical procedures and strategies for success as she operates as a lead supervisor for Life Strategies NOW where oversees the admin and social media department. She takes pride in overseeing and ensuring that the tasks in this department run smoothly, but in her leisure time, Chanelle enjoys spending time with loved ones, reading, writing, traveling, and scrapbooking. She is out to help, to serve, to make a difference and she shows no signs of slowing down.

Coach Arielle,  B.A. , CLC

Arielle graduated with honors from Spelman College with a B.A. in English. She utilizes this degree in her freelance writing endeavors as well as editing in-house publications and web development for major corporations. She weaves her corporate experience into her role, ensuring the operational success of Life Strategies NOW from web development to program delivery. Some of her excellent skills include a vast knowledge of computer software and programs, superior eyes for detail, a firm grasp for ethical procedures, efficient execution of new tasks and an extensive history in business administration. She possesses a competitive yet valuable knowledge of website creation and design. Arielle also holds prior experience in a number of leadership roles ranging from hybrid marketing and business management to program direction and implementation.

Arielle is no stranger to hard work. She welcomes it because her number one priority is to achieve the goals that are in the best interest of whomever she is completing the task. While she facilitates the programs at Life Strategies NOW, as a certified life coach her passion is in speaking to the greatness in young girls. She now pours into the lives of students abroad in Japan.

In this entrepreneur’s spare time, she enjoys crafting, sewing, and designing jewelry. She also enjoys her work as a commissioned artist. Moreover, she enjoys reading good books, traveling, drawing, playing the piano, cooking, and spending time with family.