Who is it for?

This retreat is geared towards women who have been through turmoil and are looking for answers. It is for
women who want to understand what they went through, for women who know that something is missing from their lives and want to be whole. It is for those women who are looking for a release and are craving the time and space for self-reflection that they need and deserve. This will be a weekend of fun but also doing the work on yourself. So many people always say that in order to heal you have “to do the work” but what does that mean? What does that look like? Come join us on the retreat and find out!

What are you going to get out of it?

Rejuvenation, revitalization and restoration!

  • Rejuvenate your spirit so that you can receive the breakthrough you seek.
  • Revitalize you mind so that you can attract more positivity.
  • Restore your self-worth so that you can openly accept the healing that is owed to you.

This retreat will reward your mind, body and spirit through emotional support, collective encouragement, educational workshops, healthy meals, fresh air, fun activities, safe environment and breathtaking scenery all on an amazing 7-acre, luxury, gated estate. Come and collect the tools you need for building your next power move! Whether it be a financial, spiritual or a physical goal, you won’t leave our retreat without a clear-cut blueprint for achieving it. Why? Because when you leave this oasis, you’re going to have to get on your grind and hit the ground running!

What does healing from the inside out mean?

It means finally getting to know and appreciate yourself! When you reach a point of self-love you are free enough to be at peace with yourself. It is then that you have nothing to prove, nothing to hide and nothing to explain. You can be yourself and live your best life. That is healing from the inside out.

Exact location information to the estate is provided after a booking is confirmed.