The goal of the Vet Program is to help veterans transition from the military effectively. The program assists personnel with education planning and career development. We serve reservists and active duty as well as spouses. All one must have to qualify is provide dd214 or proof you were a spouse of a service member.

Our mission is to form an alliance amongst vets across all branches, build camaraderie, and establish themselves in the six-figure industry that is life coaching.

What we offer is unique from other agencies that provide services to veterans in that we are not branch-specific. We offer unification of the branches. We are also not age or gender-specific. We serve vets. period.

Our objective includes outreach to national and international vets in order for them to identify the most commonly missed benefits that are available to them, making their transition to civilian life as smooth as possible.

We offer boot camps for veterans consisting of resume building, mos translator, and resource classes on how to access what's available to you.

All Vets in our program benefit from the following:

  1. Given a Veteran assessment that leads to a 1-on-1 with the vet strategist to assess your specific needs. Release any concerns regarding your SPECIFIC transition from military to civilian life.
  2. Given a resource book that contains all of the necessary tools and resources to ensure you are perfectly positioned to take advantage of all that is available to you after leaving the military.
  3. Assessment that unlocks your passions and personal value to what you TRULY want to do after your military service. 
  4. Provided tools necessary for you to create time, freedom, and the opportunity to become your own boss.

#1KVETS is a call to action for vets to help one another.

The goal of this movement is to create a culture that empowers vets to help one another. Unification is the key. Our mission is to increase the vet’s overall stability through awareness.